My Desk Agenda Setup

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with paper for years. Diaries started and left unfinished….agendas that I would forget to write in but covet year-over-year. My current planning obsession began with a Kate Spade planner that then turned into a Filofax fancy, and then spiraled wildly out of control–I’m now in possession of several Louis Vuitton planners. Shameful.

I decided to try my hand at the desk agenda despite finding and acquiring my “unicorn” – a Louis Vuitton GM agenda in monogram multicolore noir. Why I felt I needed a new planner after paying through the nose for my end-all, be-all, dreamsicle planner was in my hands at last, I’ll never know. My taste is fickle.

I’ve since left my desk agenda (I know, I know) for smaller pastures (back to the PM and MM I go–I think I’ve settled on the PM agenda for now because it’s so compact and portable) but before this get’s too far behind me I thought I’d let you take a peek into my desk agenda setup.

After delving back in to the MM size (medium) and deciding that portability trumps all, I’m making the switch to (gulp!) the PM (pocket size) due to issues toting the darn thing around. And, as you can see, I’m usually so busy during the day that I don’t have much to write down, ironically. I just work at at my job all day. Sure, since I’ve gotten an administrative position as Chief of service, I have more meetings than I did as a resident, but nothing that can’t be crammed on the tiny pages of the PM. 

To me, portability has won the fight thus far over space and the desire to decorate. I’ve since learned that I’m not much of a decorator when it comes to planning. I like simplicity, black ink that doesn’t run, super fine point, and pretty paper (aka Louis Vuitton gold-gilded planner pages). I’m much more willing to spend the $$ on that per year than a bunch of washi tape.

What do you use to plan? Are you a phone or paper planner kind of person?

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