My Fragrance Collection Pt 1

I don’t know why I love perfume so much. It is only on the rarest of occasions that I manage to go through an entire bottle. But the ones that are my absolute favorites – I can.

Not only does a fragrance–more than clothes, in my opinion–literally transform you into someone else…but it also has the power to transport you as well. Product links & more backstory after the jump!

There’s one fragrance in my collection I did not showcase in this video, and that’s Marc Jacobs’ Lola. I keep the bottle, though its nearly full, but I never wear it anymore because it was the fragrance I was wearing when Erik died. I cannot even bear to smell it, because it instantly takes me back to those days. Does perfume do that for you to? Have such a strong link to your memories?

Anyway, my video was so long (we’re talkin’ 23 minutes) that I decided to split it into two parts, to make it easier for y’all to digest. What fragrance are you wearing right now? Do you have a signature scent?

But I am truly a nut when it comes to collecting fragrances. I feature 12 fragrances total between the two-parter video, and those were curated! It’s no wonder that when it comes to candles and perfumes, my husband says “Just say NO!”

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