My Skin Update

Note: This is a paid-for advertorial with Curél. To see the beginning of my skin journey, click here.

It’s been over a month since I began my skin’s journey toward smoother, more hydrated skin with Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer. I want to provide my thoughts on the experience.

First—I’ve found that moisturizing my skin damp, right after showering before drying off, is a much quicker and more efficient process. It also doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy afterwards, which can be a pet peeve of mine – so I’m grateful for the ability to be able to throw on my jeans or long pants quickly without struggling!

Second—My skin has definitely felt more hydrated, which is a good thing when you have dryness related to eczema. While I cannot tell if it’s all due to the Curél moisturizer, or if there is some partial credit towards approaching Spring, when I tend to have less eczema anyways. Either way, I’m pleased!

If you twisted my arm to give you a gripe about the product—maybe that putting on lotion in the shower can get a bit chilly when you’re damp.  But really, when you’re comparing that to all the benefits…I’m really splitting hairs here.

Overall, the product has been very beneficial and an absolute joy to use – and it’s got a permanent place in my shower.  The best thing going for it is: if you’re a busy human (like, for example, a mom) constantly hounded for people’s time and attention, then slapping this moisturizer on damp skin and being able to towel off and get changed right away is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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