My Thoughts on StyleMint

I know you see me dress up in a lot of feminine-edgy outfits, but what you don’t see are my days when I’m casual and comfortable in a slouchy t-shirt and jeans. (Well, sometimes I post those outfits, too.)

It can be so hard to find a “perfect T” sometimes, because you want the combination of just-right slouchiness, the softness to the touch, and the durability to wash and wear hundreds of times over.

Enter: StyleMint

I’m so over the moon about these soft, slubby Ts that I just keep wearing them over and over again.

Gross, I know. I promise I do do my laundry. Promise.

The great thing about StyleMint is that it elminates the guesswork out of choosing a perfectly soft, well-designed, long-lasting shirt. I know that I am always hit-or-miss at Target or Walmart or other stores. Once in a blue moon you find a shirt that you know will get super soft after a handful of washes, but that is a big IF. With StyleMint Ts, I always know I am going to get that softer-than-skin feel right out of the package. And did I mention that package ships for free?

Can you tell I like soft things? Perhaps I should rename the blog to Pretty Soft Sparkly. No?

Here are the highlights (since I know you are a busy, working woman):

  • Only $29.99 per shirt–any shirt, no matter if it’s long sleeves or short sleeves
  • FREE Shipping (and it’s fast, take my word for it)
  • You can skip ANY month, but you probably won’t want to, because…
  • there are new designs every month
  • …and I’m obsessed with watching the Mary-Kate and Ashley videos about each T Shirt design. Obsessed.

Are you ready for the best news? Get 30% off of your very first StyleMint T Shirt thanks to Pretty Shiny Sparkly & StyleMint–just enter the promo code SPARKLY when you sign up for your first T. Valid until 1/31/12, so hurry up and get styling! Pick up your first shirt for 30% off now »

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and received the shirts for press review, however my opinions are my own and I was over the moon about partnering up with StyleMint for this post because I am a genuine fan of the brand. There are no affiliate links in this post, they just look funny for analytics. Word.