My Tiny Business Cards

Mini cards from Moo

Since things on PSS look a bit different now then they did when I made my first set of business cards, it was time for an update–especially since I’ll be meeting up with fellow fashion bloggers in Los Angeles this week! I love Moo cards and have always wanted to try them out. In the past I’ve always used Overnight Prints and though I’d been happy with them, Moo’s website made it appear their cards were something like 400% thicker than standard business cards. Plus, they have this super cool technology called Printfinity, which means you can print tons of different versions of one side, while keeping the backside the same (i.e., my information). What better way to showcase your outfit posts?!

And…I loved their sizing options! I went for their signature mini Moo cards, which are a little less than half the size of normal business cards! So fun! I got a keychain so I can have them with me wherever I go!

Note to self: do not include your banner logo image when you tend to change your design every five minutes. Oh wells, it still looks pretty!

Show me your business cards!

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