Neon + Neutral

This outfit is yet another reminder of how lucky I am to be running this blog. Why? Because until I challenged myself and fellow bloggers to tryout the Neon + Neutral trend, I would have never dreamed up this outfit. And I love it.

It’s comfortable, easy, but chic enough to wear anywhere. While I suspect I’ll be repeating this outfit many more places in the future, this night I wore it to a dinner & movie date with [houston]. We had amazing drinks and tapas at a local favorite tapas bar we frequent called Oporto, and then saw “Hangover 2”. Well, [houston] saw most of it. I fell asleep. Two months of a surgery rotation will do that to ya.

This lipstick is my new favorite – it’s the hot pink seen on the model’s lips in this post, but it’s matte so it’s very unexpected and not as “look at me”, in a way.