Neon + Neutral

This outfit is yet another reminder of how lucky I am to be running this blog. Why? Because until I challenged myself and fellow bloggers to tryout the Neon + Neutral trend, I would have never dreamed up this outfit. And I love it.

It’s comfortable, easy, but chic enough to wear anywhere. While I suspect I’ll be repeating this outfit many more places in the future, this night I wore it to a dinner & movie date with [houston]. We had amazing drinks and tapas at a local favorite tapas bar we frequent called Oporto, and then saw “Hangover 2”. Well, [houston] saw most of it. I fell asleep. Two months of a surgery rotation will do that to ya.

This lipstick is my new favorite – it’s the hot pink seen on the model’s lips in this post, but it’s matte so it’s very unexpected and not as “look at me”, in a way.

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  • I love this outfit, you look really lovely! I'm a bit jealous of your watch, it's perfect.

  • Love it – those shoes are killer!!

  • never did i think a medical student could have such an awesome style sense due to what i get to see among my peers look amazing!and i didn't like hangover2 that much.don't think you missed out a lot if you have seen the 1st one.

  • NIIICE WEDGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You look fantastic in the hot pink hue! And the bow is like the cherry on top of a super chic outfit.

    ♥, Jamie

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  • You look too cute. You know what they say about teaching… ;P

  • Neons & neutrals are so perfect together! I am in LOVE with your skirt! So, so pretty!!

  • Fabulous skirt! Can't wait to see what everyone else pieces together!

  • this look is amazing on you, and i love the necklace and shoes you paired it with!!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • That skirt is so perfect for this challenge! I'm glad you went all out and even added the lipstick! (It makes me think I should try the lipstick trend) I can't wait to see what everyone else posts!

  • Absolutely love it! I wasn't sure how I'd feel about neon + neutral, but this take on it is something I could see myself wearing. Can't wait for the BDIB link up to see what everyone else comes up with!

  • this is so pulled together. your shirt seems to bring out your eyes, and the lips and skirt… very pretty. every time i read your blog i get scared for my upcoming surg rotation. but you got thru it and still look fabulous!

  • MJ

    That combo is soo pretty!! That pink looks great on you!

    Before this challenge I would have never thought of mixing neon and neutral colors together!

  • Lia

    Such a gorgeous and chic look! Those shoes are to DIE for, by the way 🙂 And I really really love the bow in your hair, it's so unexpected, yet *makes* the outfit. Fabulous job!!


  • I love this whole outfit on you! That skirt is simply amazing! This look is certainly a win!

  • This last photo of you… UNREAL. Gorgeous!!!!!!! You are the sweetest thing imaginable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo Kim

  • You look so fresh and radiant! Love the skirt!

    ♥ from ©

  • What a great combo of neutral and neon! Can't wait for this challenge. I love the necklaces and bow in your hair as well!

  • That skirt is beautiful – I love that it matches your lipstick. 🙂

  • what a wonderful combination! Love the look 🙂

  • Such a great outfit!! So pretty and I love that bow in your hair!

  • Great job! I still haven't thought of mine outfit.. Hopefully I come up with something good 🙂


    Fashion Fractions

  • this is fantastic! I love your take on Neon and neutral! That top is just so perfect! I cannot wait to post my look!

  • You look incredible, and those shoes are to die for! I tried that skirt on today, but I'm not sure that it looked as good on me as it did you!

  • This looks great. Great idea challenging yourself with that colour combo.

  • Pretty! The neon and (edgy) wedges paired with neutral and your classic styling makes this look totally fresh and fun. It's ladylike with a twist.
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  • Nic

    you look great and i LOVE the shoes!! omg. very nice.


  • oh, you look fab. I knew you'd totally come up with a chic look, nice one. Looking forward to uploading mine soon!

  • You have got neons and neutrals down to a fine art! Love the pink lipstick and black bow. 🙂 Fantabulous!

  • Can't wait to see what I'll be posting! Neon + Neutral — Pretty Shiny Sparkly via @PrttyShnySprkly

  • Neon + Neutral – This outfit is yet another reminder of how lucky I am to be running this blog. W…

  • Neon + Neutral – This outfit is yet another reminder of how lucky I am to be running this blog. W…

  • I love this color combination!

    xo Teresa
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  • WOW! You are looking gorgeous! Dressing is just awesome! I'm loving ur blog! Following ur blog! Follow back!

    Check out my Fashion Blog & let me know what you think about it! Thanks! xXx ♥

  • Lovely look! Your definitely starting us off right!! Those shoes totally elongate your legs, the nude color is perfect with your skin tone!

  • LOVE this trend!!! Love love love!!

  • i have ZARA ENVY! =) yeah, totally just made that up but i NEED some ZARA in my life! i already wore my neutral and neon dress so i am trying to come up with something new for BDIB! you look great!

    ~xo, jenn

    the stylish housewife

  • I think neon pink is incredibly wearable! Thank you for proving it here. x

  • Chelsea

    Uber cute! I can't wait to see everyone else's take on this BDIB challenge. :]

  • I like the skirt but that is it I'm afraid. Don't think the wedges are very flattering…

  • This post is making me think I need to re-think what I have in my closet and see if I can pull off something similar. I'm loving the way you pair the nude-colored top with the amazingly pink skirt! With a number of FBFF bloggers excited about this next fashion challenge it will be interesting to see all the ways they recreate this trend! – Katy

  • you look amazing.

  • Lynn Z.

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Rockstar AND chic at the same time!

  • I would have never thought to combine these two. It works!

    I cant wait to try to challenge myself and mix the two together.

  • You look beautiful! The skirt is stunning with the neutral, I love those shoes as well. 🙂

  • No inspiration for the neon+neutral challenge? miss @PrttyShnySprkly shows us how: #BDIB

  • omg that outfit is totally fierce! i LOVE it!

    just found your blog and it's fabulous – i'm your newest gfc follower.



  • Just discovered your blog from Work Your Closet! Glad to add you to my daily reads!!

  • FABULOUS! I love it! Love your bag also. I need that skirt in my life!

  • You look great. Love the necklaces and the detail on the wedges…

  • Favorite parts of your outfit are your skirt, shirt and jewelry. Fav. Shot–third one. Congrats again on your engagement.

    See how a Slightly Vintage Woman wears the Neon+Neutral look:

  • Gorgeous- such a great concept!