Bloggers Do It Better #5

The Challenge

I’ll admit that assignment #5 for Bloggers Do It Better didn’t come easily to me. The truth is, we’ve kind of “maxed out” (pardon the pun) Spring 2011’s trends, and I hate to start moving backwards in the seasons. Since we are kind of in-between right now (and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to have a bathing suit “resort-wear” edition), I turned to a perennial trend that is suitable for those of us in tropical heat as well as those still experiencing cooler temps. Enter: the maxi skirt.

Bloggers Do It Better Maxi Skirt Assignment

Ruffles or pleats, tiers or slits, this challenge is pretty open. The only requirement is that it be a maxi skirt (not a dress), for uniformity. That’s it! Any color, any style, dress it up or dress it down. Be yourself, and have fun with it! I’m already thinking about which of my maxi’s to pull out of my closet (this one or this one)…

How to Participate

Please see the official BDIB page for rules (including the required sidebar badge).


Please have your posts up and ready to link to the official challenge link-up post, which will go live for linking on Friday, July 15, 2011 at midnight CDT.

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