My New Favorite Body Cream

Clinique snuck up on me with this one. As I was browsing the aisles of my local Ulta store, as you do, I was actually looking for the buff brush that so many bloggers have been raving about, when this little beauty caught my eye. The display held a trio of body soufflés called Clinique Happy Gelato Cream for Body, and this was the first scent I picked up. It also happened to be the standout favorite of the three. The scent is called Berry Blush, but there’s also a classic Clinique Happy scent, as well as Sugared Petals.

This cream goes on thick but not greasy. The amazing thing is the scent: sweet, slightly tangy, like cotton candy ice cream with a dash of lime zest. If you’re a fan of sweet fragrances like Aquolina Pink Sugar, Prada Candy, or anything Juicy Couture, you will love this.

The fascinating thing is that: I’m not. If you’ve been a longtime watcher of mine, you’ll know my obsession with Amber, Oud, Fig, and all other things cozy and warm. But this particular body cream grabbed me by the nose and led me straight to the register. Win!

Do you have any favorite body creams? Let me know in the comments below!