Nobody Likes Cupcakes

Well now that’s just not true, is it?

Everyone loves cupcakes!

I’ve gathered some wonderful cupcake-themed items from the far corners of the web for your gustatory pleasure. Enjoy! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

Here’s an adorable cupcake carrier that I would use all the time! You know. If I baked cupcakes. But I think I might know someone who would love it.

Deliciously Decorated Tin Cupcake Carrier, $36

Here’s something for everyone, because (like me) you’ve got to start somewhere…And I prefer to make things from a box. Just seems more official.

Cupcake Kit for Decorating & Baking, $19.95

Gorgeous decorative cupcake wrappers & liners:

I particularly like the pink lace pattern liners from Vestli House–and it’s not just because they’re pink and made in Scandinavia. Oh wait, that’s exactly why I like them.

Eye candy (click to view the flickr user)

How about a cupcake charm? Who says you can’t live in the ’80s?

These look good enough to eat! Homemade cupcake charms, $15 ea

Here’s a nice, sweet set of cupcake-themed thank you cards. Really I just can’t pass up the colors pale blue and chocolate together.

Cupcake thank-you notes, $24

I have died and gone to doggie heaven. Must get this for my Winnie!

Double Cupcake Dog Collar, $16.50

Whimsy. It’s a word I like, and it fits this perfectly: (or is it whimsical?)

Cupcake Trinket Box in Celadon, $25

Set out a few of your freshly baked cupcakes on this pretty cake stand (is it sad that I saw the bird and immediately thought of Twitter?)

Small Bird Cake Stand, $68

Follow the mannequin’s example and wear this only. Hold a competition between yourself and your cupcakes and see who your man grabs first.

jessie steel cupcake apron

Jessie Steele cupcake apron, $35

See, I told you nobody liked cupcakes!

Just kidding.