November Favorites

This month’s favorites was kind of all over the place–likely because, indeed I myself was all over the place. It was quite the busy month, consisting of obstetric anesthesia day in and day out. I was in the hospital on Thanksgiving day for 24 hours. Cray! Despite the hectic schedule, I managed to have a good amount of favorites for you guys! Click here to shop the favorites (in the description box, click SHOW MORE).

My Favorites, Listed

• eyelash extensions
nars audacious lipsticks (I have Brigitte, Anna, Vera, Vivien, Barbara)
• essie Penny Talk + essie A Cut Above nail polish combo
jo malone blackberry & bay
• jo malone wild fig & cassis large or small
hand sanitizer
my “work watch”
mens’ version
• Illume for Anthropologie candle
• designer inspired love bracelets 😉 use code “Kristina” for 10% off: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold
kendra scott “elisa” necklace
• louis vuitton small ring agenda PM–preowned ones I recommend: 1, 2, 3, 4

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  • Marina Harbor

    Would loveee to see a review on the LV agenda!

  • Megan

    I watched the video this past weekend and I am so happy that you mentioned the Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis perfume. I have known about this fragrance for a decade, always smelled it, but never purchased it. I bought Blackberry and Bay a year ago on impulse, and struggled with it’s sweetness. I went to the store and layered them together and it really is a perfect combo! I decided to finally purchase the Wild Fig and Cassis, and have been layering the two every day since. I love how warm, but not sickly sweet it smells. This is my new favorite fall/winter combo!

  • Laura S.

    I love your work watch! Functional yet cute!xo, Laura

  • Brittney

    Officially obsessed with your manicure – I’m thinking an Ulta trip is in order. 🙂 The glittery rose gold is a nice break from red polish.
    xo, Brittney

    The Storm Life

  • Baby G watches remind me of middle school. I used to have a yellow, pink and mint green one. I was thoroughly surprised when I saw that they brought them back in more modern adult-friendly colors.
    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  • Lynn

    I am disappointed that you would recommend a book by Lena Dunham where she tells of the story of molesting her sister and being raped by a republican that is totally unfounded. If you want to read that type of material, great, but to recommend I don’t get.
    I watch your videos because your entertaining, smart, pretty and I like you, but this makes me question my values by watching.

  • Alicia Arkell

    you are so adorable, I love all your videos! And I like Lena Dunham, I will def check out her book, and literally EVERYTHING else from this video, LOL!

  • Linda

    Planning to downsize on planners! Lol. Sorry, I just loved that wording.

  • Baby G watches remind everyone about their schools. They were so cool in those days. Besides this, Kristina, your fashion sense is adorable and I truly loved your work for this November collection. Keep it up.

  • Ish Bugs

    awesome! love it 🙂
    luxurious, high-end facials, waxing and body treatments

  • Marissa

    Hey! I bought the Cartier look alike and cannot for the life of me get the screws out to put the bracelet on. Any tips?

    • Not really! Just elbow grease!! Try turning them the opposite way, some were backwards for me.