November Glossybox

Normally I’m always excited to open up my monthly Glossybox (rather giddily, I must say)- this month was no exception.  But did I love it? Click on to find out!

I was pleasantly surprised at the skincare offerings this month. I like the idea of the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng cream, but the sample size is just so tiny. Can’t wait to try it though. The makeup brush from Nicka K, a brand I’ve never heard of, was surprisingly soft and lush. Great for blending. The hair offerings, a color-protecting leave-in treatment from Mastey, and a sulfate-free facial cleanser with jojoba microbeads and alpha/beta hydroxy acids (my favorite!) are two I cannot wait to try.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment (other than the lack of a decent, deluxe sized makeup/skincare item) was the eyeshadow from Emite Makeup. Black shadow, in cheap plastic packaging, promised to be “highly pigmented” but came off as patchy and disgusting in swatches. Perhaps December’s box will be better?

Did anyone get something different in their glossybox, or did you feel the same way about this month’s offering?