Oh Happy Day

oh happy day

This may come as quite a shock, but…I’m actually a really casual dresser. I don’t wear many skirts or dresses (I’m trying to be better about that) unless I am (A) being photographed, or (B) going to a party.

YES I am still a girly-girl, and YES I think I can still qualify under these conditions, but the sad fact is that I’m very self-conscious about my legs. I’m only 5’2″ and I have a long(ish) torso, so I feel my legs are rather stumpy. When wearing a skirt or dress, I’ll usually wear tights to try to slim & elongate them. If that’s even remotely possible.

oh happy day

So today’s outfit post is nothing special (proof: see “Queen” shirt); this is just a real-life example of why not to get dressed in the dark what I wore for a trip down to my parent’s house on Easter Sunday (please gasp somewhere else re: lack of church attire).

We relaxed, went to eat some James Coney Island (a personal fave), found out it was closed because it was (duh) Easter Sunday, and then rejoiced to find that La Madeleine doesn’t let the most religious holiday in the Christian world stop them from doing business as usual.

oh happy day

My little sister A who is 10 years my junior, didn’t believe me when I insisted that she, as the photographer, could tell the “model” (snort) what to do & the model must obey. When she tentatively ordered me to raise my arms up in the air, I complied. Happily.

oh happy day oh happy day

What I’m Wearing:

  • Boyfriend Grandpa cardigan: Target
  • Queen tee: Target (ages ago)
  • Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
  • Boots: Frye Engineer