Oh My Gauze

The summer heat has grown oppressive here in Texas — even the short, sparse rainstorms don’t do much of anything to quell the heat that stifles us on a daily basis. These days, I’ve resorted to wearing as breezy clothes as possible. Though I can never give up wearing jeans for a night out! I love jeans too much to stop wearing them based on a season. It’s my achilles heel of clothing.

This gauzey tunic suits the harsh hot weather perfectly. And it sets off my lovely new silver Texas pendant, sent to me by the lovely (and famous) designer, Maya Brenner, who apparently is a fan of all things Pretty Shiny & Sparkly. (Hi Maya!) It hasn’t left my neck all week, I love it so much. Check out the shop to get your hands on your own state’s necklace, which you can personalize with a diamond for your city, if you prefer!

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? Are you as searingly hot as I am down here? What are you wearing to combat the weather?