Oh, so you want an update do you?

Things have been pretty stressful since the move. The house is coming together, slowly but surely. Yesterday I lugged the boxes I broke down up to the attic for storage, and finally tackled the room I’d been dreading: my teeny closet. Dreading, because it is about 1/4th the size of my closet at the Valencia, and trying to unpack boxes within this teeny closet was definitely a test of my very limited patience.
Ah, the wonderful sound of the trash men. Since I moved in 2 weeks ago, we either did not have a garbage can yet, or, when we did, it was Labor Day when they were supposed to pickup. Finally, it is Thursday, and I just watched the men throw half of the boxes away that can’t be reused, and I was loving it. I figured I’d only throw half of the cardboard at them in one sitting so they wouldn’t just flatly refuse to throw it away. Next half comes on Monday. Woohoo!

I don’t have more pictures yet, because I am waiting for (1) my repaired coffee table from the movers, and (2) my extra-long HDMI cord from Monoprice.com to arrive in the mail so it can go behind the wall. Everything’s all set up for behind-the-wall wiring, it’s just that none of my bajillion HDMI cords are long enough. So, I bought a 12-footer. For $4. God I love Monoprice. It actually induces a small amount of rage when I walk past the cords at Best Buy that they sell for $30-$40-even $50!

I promise I will have more pictures soon.

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