OMG: Japanese Super Store

In my city there is a little area called Sharpstown (and by little I mean huge – because everything in Texas is bigger. Huge. Humongous.) which is basically synonymous with Asianomgfantasticalwowness-town. I’ve lived in this city all my life and not visited this area. How is that even possible?!

I love Asian culture – I roomed with one of my very best friends, Sara (actually, she was Soyoung -> Sarah -> Sara…it’s hard to keep track…HI SARA!) in college freshman and senior year and got totally and fantasticall immersed in it. I watched this amazing anime show called Fushigi Yuugi (sp?) which I now own on DVD…yeah.

I love asian super stores because pretty much anything you find written in English on a product makes absolutely no sense at all. “Lunch time is a happy joy” on a lunch box, “My mommy takes me to bed at eight” on a greeting card depicting a chihuahua, and…yeah. Just scroll down for the OMG moment with one English phrase of awesomeness. I had to cover my mouth in the store to keep from laughing out loud and getting dirty looks.

The aforementioned lunch boxes.

Yeah, um. Not really sure about this one.

Now for the fun part: my haul!

Dude, I haven’t had incense like this (I LOVE the little cone thingies!!) since about 6th grade. This was such a flashback! And it was gardenia, one of my favorite scents. I came out of there with like, eleventy-three things and it was $24. Everything there is $2, $3 or $4. Cray-cray!!