On Holiday: Thanksgiving Part II

Are you sick of scenic photos yet? I sure hope not. Because I crammed this post chock full with photos I took during Thanksgiving at HB’s ranch! Above is the scenic ranch house nestled among a mott of trees. That windmill is real and fully functional! It pumps up water from a well in the ground, providing the cattle with drinking water.

Looking back at these photos, all I can think is, Ralph Lauren commercial. Ralph, I’ll be expecting your call.

Lesson learned: do not piss off the cows.

Taken the same day as this post (see the similar bright-but-dark weather?) I particularly loved when patches of sun would shine down on the fields, illuminating its beauty.

Hi. This is huisache (wee-satch). It is a pain in the butt (and other places). You cannot drive over it, it will puncture your tire and leave you stranded among the above animals. It takes over your land like weeds. It is generally hated among ranchers.

I mean, just look at the thorns on that thing! Yeesh.

HB’s comment: “Eeyore eats those.”

Me: “What?”

HB: “Eeyore. He eats thistles.”

Me: “Oh, that’s a thistle?”

Come to think of it, I don’t really think either of us have any clue what the above plant is. I just knew I wanted to take a picture of it in silhouette. Boom.

Seriously, no Photoshopping here. Girl Scout’s honor. It really did friggin’ look like that!

P.S. – is that a huisache? They’re everywhere I tell you!!!

Quite possibly one of my favorite moments of Thanksgiving dinner. I’m a sucker for veggies-that-shouldn’t-be-sweet-but-are.

Oh, and marshmallows.

Well would you looky here! Doesn’t that look familiar??

It was scrumptious. Too scrumptious.