Our Wedding Theme

pretty shiny sparkly's wedding theme

This week I’ll be posting little details about my (rapidly approaching) wedding to the love of my life, HB (aka Mister hunka-chunka-burnin-love who takes my pictures here on PSS). So, if you’re like, totally not into this stuff, then…I’ll see you next week!

Click on to learn more about our wedding’s “theme”!

Our Wedding Theme

Our wedding theme is Rustic Glamour (I think it deserves capitalization, don’t you?). The pairing of two opposites (manly man meets girly-glam, sequin-wearing girl) speaks to more than just our wedding theme–it’s how we are in real life! Dreaming this up was not an easy task. There’s so much inspiration out there, but it really came down to sitting down, thinking it out–in this fuzzy head of mine–without distractions, Pinterest, or Style Me Pretty. It sounds odd, but I needed to focus on what my style was, not others’, and I needed to focus on what would best represent us as a couple. Something where people would look around and say, “This is so them.”

Once inspiration struck, and we had our fabulous venue, then it was time to hit up the inspiration sites. My favorites are Style Me Pretty (+SMP Texas), 100 layer cake, Pinterest, the knot, and Once Wed.

I was immediately surprised to realize there was a serious lack of pink + gold weddings. Truth be told, I had envisioned pink and gold almost as soon as I had decided on Rustic Glamour, but my conviction was in serious jeopardy when I couldn’t find any weddings pairing the two colors. Will they clash? Will it look gaudy? I wondered. But my planner and I agreed that everything in moderation was the absolute key to keeping things tasteful and elegant.

It’s been so much fun planning so far, and we are getting closer and closer (um, 75 days to be exact) and now is the time when the little things are coming together. Finalizing little details with the florist, scheduling my alterations, finding the perfect wedding shoes…it’s all going smoothly, and I owe it all to my planner, Aurora. I seriously would not be anywhere without this woman.

My bouquet will consist of soft, barely-pink peonies and ranunculus (my favorite flowers), white poppy anemones, and stephanotis. Guess what it will be wrapped in.

We’re also working on being able to hang chandeliers from the trees outside (the outdoors is really spectacular, and is also where the dance floor will be). Swoon!

Next up on PSS: details about my wedding day look! Stay tuned!