Peace, Love & Sparkles

There wasn’t a whole lot of color to this outfit except bad hallway lighting. So, I figured you wouldn’t be missing much if I flipped the photos to B+W. Before you cry into your cereal – trust me when I say you do NOT want to see this chick in the green-tinged fluorescent lighting of my floor’s hallway. Nothing says romance like direct overhead yellow-green lighting.


This is the outfit I wore to HB and I’s Valentine’s Day date on Monday! HB really outdid himself – instead of flowers, I got an adorable little trinket with loads of sentimental value and sweetness, and he took me to one of my favorite fine-dining restaurants in the city (it is a converted house, with a giant tree growing up and out of the middle of it).*

There, we munched on a four-course V-day menu including amazing crab cakes, calamari, delicious caesar salad, filet mignon, stuffed lamb chop, and an assortment of yummy dessert bites. Oh, and we washed it all down with a couple of bottles of pinot noir. Indulgent. Definitely indulgent. I was feeling it the next day, for sure!

I really love these two pieces put together – I’m really into sheers lately and (of course) sequins, and wearing the tank dress on its own wouldn’t have the lady-like approach desired for a romantic date. Since I’d been trying to find ways to wear the sheer tunic without revealing too much (hello, bra) it worked perfectly under the dress. Score!

What do you think? Should I come up with more ways to wear the sheer tunic? Do you ever wear head-to-toe black?

Peace, Love & Sparkles,

* – I got him a sweet card from Papyrus. HB’s birthday is tomorrow, February 17th, so I have more in store for him!