Peaches Ash and Resin

{ Jeans- James Jean resin, Cardigan- Target, Shoes- Toms Glitters in gold, Ring & Necklace- Forever 21, Watch- Michael Kors c/o Shop Bop, Bracelets- Vintage }

So…I did something pretty crazy. You know how I only recently experimented with my hair color? Well, I got tired of the endless maintenance and decided to dye my hair back to its natural color (ash blonde). Turns out it was more ash than blonde but it’s really growing on me! We’ll see how it goes! What do you think? It sure is weird not being a platinum blonde anymore!

Oh well, I’ve always got my glittery gold shoes to brighten my day!

These resin jeans (a topic which I opined upon here) are so much fun. Less give than traditional denim (as evidenced by the heckuva time I had painting my toenails in them – quite difficult to hug your knee to your chest in these!) but surprisingly comfortable.

Weigh in with your thoughts (going back to my roots–er, haircolor that is, resin jeans, glitter Toms, anything)!