Pink & Gold

It’s amazing what an airbrush tan will do for your mood and self-image (as shallow as that sounds). As a permanently ghost-like pale person, I’m constantly applying bronzer & blush to give myself a healthy dose of color. For our engagment shoot (which is today!) I went for a professional airbrush spray tan. Getting naked with a total stranger and having them meticulously spray your body within 12 inches from your body can be a little intimidating, to say the least! But afterwards the bronze glow is so, so, so rewarding and it makes me want to wear dresses every day (sans tights!).

It’s probably only appropriate that I post this pink + gold outfit today on the day of our engagement photo shoot–our wedding colors are pink + gold!* It’s a color combination that isn’t found very often in wedding palettes, I feel, but the moment I started planning (the day after we got engaged) I knew it was going to be our colors. It’s a challenge to do it and do it well (read: tastefully) but in the end it is going to be so worth it. Married peeps: what were YOUR colors?

* = different shade of pink than this dress, natch.

One last thing: this outfit (minus a few accessories) is actually really inexpensive. I think the belt was $4, the dress was $25, the shoes are now on sale…so if you like this look and are on a budget (like myself), hopefully this helps.

Okay, one last last thing: giveaway tomorrow. 🙂