Pink Panther

There’s something really fun and sweet about pairing neon brights with animal print (see this post). This is an outfit I wanted to wear several weeks ago but never got to. The outfit combo has stuck in my mind since then and when HB and I finally got the opportunity (read: day off) to shoot an outfit post, I knew what I was wearing that day.

We’ve decided to put our house hunt on hold indefinitely–for a variety of reasons, the most important probably being that we’d like to relish the days leading up to our rapidly approaching wedding, and not stress out about finding and buying our first house. Strangely, the day after we made this decision I woke up feeling lighter and happier than I have been for weeks. I’m getting excited about the wedding again and everything feels right now. Isn’t it strange how deciding not to give yourself what you want most can make you happier than the alternative…

How fun is it to wear your jewelry on your shoes? xo