Please read this in entirety before contacting Pretty Shiny Sparkly about a product review. By contacting the author you are agreeing to these terms stipulated below.
PSS welcomes product reviews of jewelry, apparel, handbags, shoes, & other fashion pieces, as well as beauty products such as makeup, skincare, & hair care. I write honest, truthful, and fully-disclosed posts about products I consider worthy of review. You are welcome to send your product or sample for review consideration. Only those products received which I deem appropriate for review will be posted on Pretty Shiny Sparkly, therefore I reserve the right to not review an item sent to me.

Sponsoring Outfit Posts

Clothing, jewelry, handbags & other related samples may be sent to PSS for use in an outfit post. Outfit posts are comprised of 1-4 stylish and tasteful photographs depicting my ensemble. These posts are by far the most popular on Pretty Shiny Sparkly, and result in the most sales of a particular product.

To see one of your designs in an outfit post, send the item(s) to my mailing address (contact me for the info) and I may include it in my outfit.

Full Disclosure Policy (No Exceptions)

In keeping with full disclosure for the sake of the FTC and (more importantly) the trust of my readers, sponsored items are clearly labeled in the credits (caption) of the post. I will link to your site with “Courtesy of (your brand here)” or “c/o (your brand)”. I reserve the right to not review/post products for any reason.


Please understand that due to the volume of requests I receive, I cannot guarantee a time frame when your item will appear in a post. While I make every attempt to work with samples I receive, if for any reason I determine that your sample cannot be worn, I will work with you to find another way to highlight your brand, but please understand that I still reserve the right not to return unwanted samples.

Sample Return Policy

Please note that due to the volume of submissions and the investment of time and effort that goes into incorporating samples and products into the content of Pretty Shiny Sparkly, any sample sent for any purpose will not be returned.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

Disclosure Policy