Pretty Orange Peplum

The weather during the Texas Style Council in Austin this past weekend couldn’t have been worse–except when the heavens parted and the sun shone down on us in glorious, 60-degree weather, on the day of the Sunday conference. I was fortunate enough to have my travel and outfit sponsored by LuLu*s, one of my favorite destinations for super cute flirty dresses and absolutely fabulous shoes (did you get a load of these babies up close?). Big thank you to them for making it possible to speak at last weekend’s conference!

In case the meaning of the word peplum in today’s title escapes you, here is a little enlightenment.

Outfit photos by Bryan Skeen — thanks Bryan!

Tomorrow is match day — I found out on Monday that I matched (yay!) to an Anesthesiology residency program on my rank list, but tomorrow we all open up envelopes at the same time that tells us exactly where we’ll be spending the next four(+) years of our lives in training. Exciting!

To top it all off, [houston] and I have been bitten by the house hunting bug. As if we didn’t have other, very important, things to do.