Pretty (Random) Things

Really no time to say much, this test is looming (Sunday is the big day). Just thought I’d share with you some dreamy things that calm and de-stress me…second only to chocolate. The bib necklace is from new york design shop (and yes, a giveaway is coming up), the lilac polish is a new shade I picked up at my drugstore, and the armor rings are from Forever 21 (though in real life they’re oxidized and dull…not sure why the F21 website shows them as being so shiny).

I’m tired. My doctor took one look at me today and steered me to the scale. It turns out I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started studying for this miserable exam non-stop. Mainly my diet has consisted of take-out, microwavable dinners, and handfuls of whatever snacks I find laying around (Chex Mix & Gardettos top this list).