Project Glam

About a month ago I attended a fashion & beauty party hosted by one of my local radio stations. It was in the neighborhood so I had to check it out. All in all, it was utterly….well, boring. Nothing but coupons and snotty Page-Six people milling around. It was a total bore. Oh well! We got free pizza and beer out of it, which, let’s face it, makes everything better.

And [houston] patiently kept me company–he makes even poison tolerable. He’s my lucky star.

The hair, the paleness–ew–I just threw this together after a long day in work clothes. Clearly I was feeling Texan-girly. It’s about time I got around to posting this one!!

Guns for girls. Only in Texas.

Today is my wonderful, wonderful boyfriend’s graduation from medical school. I will be taking exorbitant amounts of pictures throughout the ceremony and festivities, of course.

I can’t believe that, starting today, he will forever be known as Dr. [houston]. Congratulations, my love!