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Hey ladies and gents! I’m so excited to share with you that Coach contacted me a while ago asking if I wanted to participate in a fun new project for their Poppy line called the Poppy Project. It’s really neat in that it is completely 100% user interactive.

Basically, you should see the Coach logo and some flowers blooming on the left hand side when PSS finishes loading. You can click it and be taken to other sites in the Poppy Project, but the real fun comes when you “like” it on Facebook (click the Like button near the Coach logo, and especially when you Tweet fun phrases and include these two hashtags: #CoachPoppy and #pss. You can alter the look of the pattern on PSS by getting creative, using different keywords, and watch it bloom before your very eyes!

Neat huh?!

The best part is, keep visiting PSS and making it grow – the more it grows, the more prizes you can win!

Yep, prizes. Coach prizes.

If you spot a Coach Poppy bag – click it, because it’s your lucky day! When you click it, you will receive a very, very special gift.

So, get crackin’! Visit Twitter and be sure to use the #pss hashtag in your tweet along with the #CoachPoppy hashtag to watch the design change on PSS! Get creative with your words!

To make it even easier, just click on the red circle that says “This poppy pattern is blooming” and it’ll pop up a place for you to tweet anything you want (or the default message)! Thanks so much!! Can’t wait to see your designs!

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  1. 08.03.2010 / 7:58 pm

    hehe omg coach!!! <3<3<3 … btw finally saw when harry met sally!! o gosh what a cute chick flick =D

  2. 08.03.2010 / 8:33 pm

    I hope I end up seeing a Coach bag! This is really cool though!

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