You need to be in the Big Apple September 7th!

Why? Because I’ll be there, silly. I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be a panelist at the esteemed Independent Fashion Bloggers conference* in New York City on September 7th. I have at most five full days of freedom out and about New York City!

Who wants to spend it with me? Who has a couch I can sleep on?

*You may remember that I moderated the “Working With Brands Gracefully” panel at the NYC conference last season (February).

Shopping, Parties and Meetups

Midtown Manhattan at Night from Old Glory Park
If you’re hosting a meetup, an event, a show, or anything else fun that I can fill my time with and that you’d like to invite me too, please let me know! I love meeting faces new and old, and would rather be out there having fun with you than curled up in a small hotel room flipping through TV channels and eating chocolate bars. It’s a tough choice, but I pick you.