PSS in L.A.: Days 1-3 (Travel Vlog)

I took so much video during my 8-day stay in Los Angeles, that I had to fit it into segments according to the day! Cray-cray! (By the way that’s my new favorite saying–it’s like crazy only BETTER.) Make sure to watch it in HD! (Click the 360/480 button and change it to 720 or higher.)

So, what are you watching during days 1-3? The video starts off with the very beginning of the trip–and I mean VERY beginning–in the cab ride to the airport. There are shots of being in the airport, being on the plane, spotting the hollywood sign through all the smog, landing, and then being on the road the next day headed to San Diego for a weekend trip with [houston] to Hotel del Coronado.

I hope you enjoy – and if you like my videos please subscribe to them on YouTube!