Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking

If there’s one thing this girly-girl loves to explore second only to fashion, it’s beauty. I have experimented with makeup for as long as I can remember. I loved reading magazines like Allure, getting tips on the perfect mascara, the perfectly flushed cheek, and the latest fragrances.

Lately I’ve collected some new beauty treasures that I wanted to share with you, because they frequently pop up in my daily routine and/or have changed my life in the way that only beauty products can.

New favorite mascara, even trumping my coveted YSL Faux Cils, is MAC’s Haute & Naughty lash. Thick, wet, black lashes with barely a stroke. I almost have to be careful to put not very much on, for fear of looking like this. It literally is like painting your lashes, unlike today’s modern mascara which is more like “tinting”. I love it. And it only took me 3 weeks to realize it has two brushes built-in for different effects (hence the double cap).

I’ve never heard of armour before, but I love the color of this lip gloss included in one of my many NYC gift bags. It’s quite thick!

Christopher Drummond sent me this creamy lip stain almost a year ago, and I’m finally getting around to raving about it – admittedly I didn’t try it for several months because summer just didn’t seem like the time for ruby-red lips, but I’ve been using this for special occasions all winter and into spring now and this stuff is a-mazing in the fact that it like, doesn’t come off. I need makeup remover to take this sexy red rouge off of my lips. And the best part (weirdest part?) is that it stays creamy the whole time, like a chapstick. It’s not sticky or drying like most extended-wear lip colors. And I love the handy mirror. Only part that I’m not fond of is having to use my finger or a brush.

I have also been using this light mousse blush on my cheeks for a faint, subtle, “just-worked-out-post-shower” glow, which is great since we all know that I haven’t seen the inside of my gym in at least a month. Or two.

Since I’m obviously weird about cliché souvenirs, this should come as no surprise to you that this Love, Chloé perfume was my souvenir from my Norway trip last Christmas. Because it totally makes sense, right?

I love how it smells like my translucent Coty powder (which I use everyday to set my makeup) and that, indeed, was the inspiration for the fragrance. It’s soft, not sweet, and has a hint of mystery to it and maturity that gets a little sexier on the dry-down, which is what sold me. I walked around for a whole day with it on my wrist, sniffing it, before I finally decided to purchase it (duty-free!). It’s now my daily perfume. Buy it here.