Restørsea Skincare

I have told you guys about my skincare routine (morning & night) in the past on my YouTube channel. But since my last update, I’ve had quite the switcheroo with my moisturizers. I’ve been using Restørsea Day & Night creams since I last spoke to you guys and my skin has completely transformed. Instead of combination/oily skin, my skin type is now, actually, normal. It hasn’t been that way since puberty! My acne is markedly improved, only popping out for hormonal bouts in a monthly fashion (ahem). I haven’t changed anything else about my skincare so I’m quite certain that all of the aforementioned beneficial changes to my skin can be attributed to these two products.

In the above video, I describe at length how these two moisturizers work, and what other differences I’ve seen in my skin. I also give you guys a little update on my lash extensions (by the way, mention my blog at Winx Lash & Makeup Studio in Houston and get 40% off your full set!).

Restørsea Rejuvenating Day Cream, $150
Restørsea Restoring Night Cream, $175
Special Offer set: Full size Day & Night creams for $225 using promo code DAYNIGHT

This is probably one of the most expensive sets of products I’ll ever recommend on this blog, but I couldn’t not share it with you just because it’s pricey. It probably won’t be for all of us, but for those who can make the splurge (and like to do so) this stuff is transformative. Now, you could just as easily use less expensive moisturizer day and night, and in fact I’ve recommend several of my favorites in the past that I happen to love.

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Products were sent to me for PR purposes.