Review: Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm

I’ve long been interested in cleansing balms this year, and this particular cleansing balm has always been on my mind. I finally bit the bullet, tracked it down (it’s remarkably hard to find online if you’re not British) on Feel Unique and within a week it was at my doorstep ready to melt off the day’s makeup.


This cleanser is a thick, almost Vaseline-like texture and consistency, with a warm golden color that is very inviting. It melts quite easily, so much so that I notice a bit always remains a little melted in the jar when I open it for its next use. The smell is polarizing: I love it, just like I love the herbal, refreshing smell of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir, but it may not suit all noses. It’s quite floral/citrusy, with notes of citrus, bergamot, jasmine, and rose.

Since using this cleanser (and cleansing balms in general) I’ve noticed that my makeup is more easily removed, leaving my pores less prone to clogs and breakouts. My skin is smooth with no dry patches that used to linger thanks to my newfound appreciation for Retinoid products. This is perfect for both dry skins as well as oily, acne prone skins. Namely, the dry of skin will appreciate its hydrating qualities and lack of stripping ingredients. The acne prone who are “in the know”, know that oil gets rid of oil – in fact nothing gets rid of excess oil on the face more than a “good” oil. This is why cleansing oils are all the rage, and this one in balm form is no exception.


All in all, I love it. Will I repurchase it? Probably not given the price tag and the fact that I’m still on a mission to try all the other cleansing balms out there! But I would definitely recommend trying it at least once – even just the baby sized jar for kicks – because this stuff really is an amazing product.