Review: Louise Young Brushes


A couple of months ago the folks from Louise Young contacted me inviting me to try a sample of their brush collection. Having drooled unceremoniously over the super jumbo massive round foundation brush (which you can see above far right) for many months prior to that, I quickly said yes. A few weeks later (they are an English brand) they were in my hands and I was ready to play. 


The brushes came wrapped in this super chichi brown leatherette wrap/roll case which is super handy for travel.


There’s a little snap pocket you can see there on the left hand side of the case/roll but I’ll be honest – I have no idea what that’s for. I would worry about putting anything small in there as it’s not particularly secure. If you know what it’s for please help a girl out!


The beauty of the beast is what’s inside. True to form, the brushes are supple, soft, easily washable, hold their shape, and apply product like a dream. As can be expected, my favorite is the LY34 brush, aka the super-size-me foundation brush. I love how it can easily buff or swipe-blend depending on what stage of applying foundation you’re in. Lovely. Especially for large-faced girls like moi.

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