Rock Candy City

Rock & Candy Jagar Boots by Zigi c/o Karmaloop, gold link bracelet c/o Fantasy Jewelry, top and purse – Forever 21, belt and jeans – American Eagle, Michael Kors watch

I wore this outfit to the Friday night showing of Sex & the City 2 accompanied by my very bestest friend, Tracy. She’s a glamour-doll and has always had the best clothes since we were teeny 3rd graders, when we met & immediately became like long-lost sisters.

We made it to the theater just in time, and were able to snag a couple of seats on the end of a middle row – some rather infuriating people had the gall to save entire rows for friends that were “getting food”. I asked point blank, “where are your friends, and why are you saving this many seats?” then, after being given their excuse: “Well that’s ridiculous and not allowed.”

I have a problem with injustice and my mouth sometimes. I think it’s the oldest child syndrome. But I digress. On with fashion!

I have two new loves in my life. One is this gorgeous goldtone & crystal link bracelet that I have been pairing with my gold watch (above).

I had been on the hunt for a gold link watch for a while now, enlisting the help of some fellow bloggers as well as readers. There were some amazing suggestions that I highly recommend you check out sometime. When Fantasy Jewelry Box heard I had been lusting over this particular bracelet, they sent it over as a gift and I have to say the presentation was stunning. Pink box, fast shipping, a pretty silver bow. I do wish it had a clasp though! I managed to shorten it by one link since the links are somewhat removable (emphasis on the somewhat) however I feel like I’ll be damaging it over time if I continue to detach-and-reattach this way everytime I want it on. Otherwise, right outta the box, it slips on your arm with no problems. I just have tiny wrists.

I’ve already been lusting over a few more things on their website since then, like this gorgeous wide gold mesh bangle, these gunmetal-and-pink-ombre stacking eternity bands, and this pretty white-and-canary yellow eternity band. Probably by far my favorite and my future purchase (or two) will be at least one (or three) of these beautimous pink gold and pink CZ dainty eternity bands. Hmm, I guess I like eternity bands! I like inexpensive jewelry every once in a while, and while I don’t condone outright replicas, sometimes you just gotta fake the style til ya make it.

The other new love of my life? Get ready…

Dear sweet biscuits! If there were ever a shoe that embodied my very soul – these would be it. No question. I am in love. Did ya hear that ZiGi? These should be named after me. The Pretty Shiny Sparkly boot. Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?

Soft, buttery brown leather that collapses just right (not too stiff & high, not too saggy & low). Peep toe. Platform. Buckle detail. Studs. SPARKLES. It’s all the very best trends wrapped into one gorgeous, wearable, lust-worthy shoe. I had never heard of Zigi shoes before, but I am a new fan.

If you want ’em, they’re on Karmaloop for only $150 (personally I think that’s a steal) – and if you use promo code SPARKLES15 you’ll get 15% off, which rounds it out to a cool $127.50. This is apparently a hot little shoe, so some sizes are limited, but apparently they will be restocking (cross fingers). Go forth and treat yourself to something nice. If you want.

Can I just say that Zigi Shoes has it down when it comes to presentation? Wow. A gorgeous black box with a magnetic flip-top closure, stretch panels to accomodate larger boots (like this pair), pink tissue paper and lining, and a satin bubble-gum-pink dustbag. Too cute! I just had to document the journey. So come with me as I opened them up for the very first time:

Mad props to Karmaloop and Fantasy Jewelry Box for such wonderful service, presentation, and selection. If you’re as crazy about ’em as I am, check out the Zigi boots that should be named after me, and the gorgeous affordable jewelry at Fantasy Jewelry Box. And thanks to the lovely ladies who added to the discussion in my previous post about sponsorships and what that entails. If you haven’t checked that out, please do!

Hope you are having a great weekend! It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. but unfortunately it doesn’t mean a lick to me – since other than my brief excursion into the outside world for SATC2, I have been holed up, at this desk, studying cranial nerves and brain disorders (fascinating, I know).

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  1. 05.30.2010 / 7:13 pm

    There are no words for how fabulous those boots are. LOVE them. Cute top and bag as well 🙂

  2. 05.30.2010 / 7:16 pm

    I want those boots!
    The whole outfit is lovely, and I too get angry with people who save whole rows! I only save a seat for my husband, but if someone needs to move over a seat so they (and their friend) can sit down, I will!!


  3. 05.30.2010 / 11:11 pm

    The boots are so sexy, love them. Another great outfit Kristina

  4. Joanna O
    05.31.2010 / 12:13 am

    Loving the wrist accessories! Isn't Karmaloop awesome?

  5. 05.31.2010 / 8:36 am

    I love the bracelet/watch combo!! SO pretty!

  6. 05.31.2010 / 10:13 am

    ok so i'm not a huge fan of the peep toe boot trend, but i'm pretty sure your new boots might be changing my mind!

  7. 05.31.2010 / 11:12 am

    I love the boots….not sure I can carry them off….I'm almost 40 for goodness sake….BUT, in pure SATC2-Samantha-style….I would so ROCK those shoes! 🙂

    • 05.31.2010 / 11:22 am

      that you WOULD julie! I loved that part in the movie. that, and "Lawrence of my *****!" lol

  8. 05.31.2010 / 11:15 am

    those boots are pretty freaking fantastic, and I don't usually like boots with a lot of stuff on them. I agree, they scream out to be named after you!

  9. 05.31.2010 / 11:16 am

    That watch is to DIE. I was actually working on a post on getting a menswear gold watch for less, and this very watch was my "lust" of my must list.

  10. 05.31.2010 / 4:57 pm

    awesome, awesome look! those boots are amazing.

  11. 05.31.2010 / 8:36 pm

    i love the bracelet and watch! so chic!

  12. 06.01.2010 / 9:08 pm

    oooo the boots are a unique new style!! and i LOVE the bracelet!!! gosh keep up the good work, my love!!

  13. Natalie
    06.01.2010 / 11:23 pm

    I, too, suffer from what I've deemed, "infant-sized wrist syndrome". It is so difficult finding bracelets/cuffs that won't fall off!

  14. 06.02.2010 / 2:50 pm

    I LOVE your boots! <33 And I think I have a belt who's almost like yours. I like it 🙂


  15. 06.03.2010 / 10:07 am

    great look altogether! LOVE the boots! they totally rock.

    • 06.07.2010 / 5:46 pm

      With the platform, they're not too bad Jen! I'd say they feel like maybe 4 inches. If you can walk in 4 inch stilettos, you can walk in these bad boys.

      I say go for it!

  16. 11.04.2010 / 11:23 pm

    Sexy boots! I wonder if I could pull those off, I think I'm too shy lol!

  17. David@spindlerepair
    12.04.2010 / 9:03 am

    Lol i thought this was really rock candy hmm guess its not, although its a very interesting look. Not to shabby.

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