Roses de Chloé

As an owner of the original Chloe Eau de Parfum (and lover of it – check out my previous fragrance collection videos Part 1 and Part 2), and an absolute lover of anything rose-scented, I was ecstatic to get my hands on this new offering from the house of Chloé. Some of you may recall my desperate attempts last year to get my hands on the limited edition 2011 version called Chloé Rose Edition. Alas, it was never meant to be, but I truly believe it was because Roses de Chloé and I were destined to meet in 2013.

Some said the 2011 rose-scented incarnation smelled exactly like the original Chloé, and thus felt cheated out of their money. Having never smelled that one, I cannot comment on that, but I can say that Roses de Chloé (can we please just shorten this to RdC from now on? My hands thank you.) is an entirely different animal. Older, with a more mature Damascus Rose, it took me a few sniffs to figure out if I liked it, quite honestly. It loses that clean, crisp Chloé scent but holds onto something more feminine, classic, and more niche-like (very few people will probably smell exactly like you, unlike most mass-market perfumes).

This is a slightly more grown up scent, but spins and interesting, almost subtlely fresh break on the traditional rose (perhaps it’s the eau de toilette?). Whatever it is, I like it, and while it sometimes runs a little too aldehyde for my usual taste (I like more powdery scents) this is definitely a beautiful scent to take you into winter, spring, and even summer. Give it a sniff!

Year: 2013
Perfumers: Michel Almairac & Mylène Alran
Notes: Damascus rose, bergamot, magnolia, white musk, amber

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