Save the Date

Yep, HB’s real name is Houston! Ta-daaaaaaaa!

But everybody, including my family, now tends to just call him HB (at least to me) because of the blog–isn’t it funny how that happens?

I designed our Save The Dates on Minted (highly recommend–the proof is fantastic, isn’t it) and I had them tweak it a little bit with the background & fonts, to match our wedding theme. But you didn’t think I’d spoil the surprise yet, did you? You’ll just have to keep reading the blog to find that out. If you even care. (And maybe you don’t.)

In fashion, we often pair masculine & feminine to make a gorgeous ensemble. For the wedding, we’re doing the same. I’ll continue to share/spill little sneak peeks of our wedding as we get closer.

So, dear blog readers, you are cordially invited to digitally witness our glamour-meets-rustic-lodge soiree on May 12th, 2012. Because, I’m sure I’ll be Instagram-ing & Tweeting that entire weekend (honestly, don’t you even know me at all?), so you definitely won’t be left out, I promise.

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