Scandalous Lace

free people “scandalous” lace top (c/o karmaloop), old navy skirt (0ld), vintage bangles, jeffrey campbell charli clogs, forever 21 heart locket, ring, and ring

There’s really nothing like lace to make you feel absolutely 100% girly. I love this lace top by Free People (grab it for only $48 over at Karmaloop) for its wide neck, delicate yet quality construction, and long sleeves which can be worn scrunched up in the summer (as I did), & in the fall/winter I plan to wear them long with black pants or skirts. Fun!

This is my dog Winnie. The breeder said she was full blood chihuahua but we have always had our doubts. We think she’s part dachsund in there somewhere, too. She’s the best! Huge bat ears, super super smart, and always smiling. She even knows when to pose for the camera!

She’s my little goofball.

So, I’ve sorta-kinda put myself on a spending freeze, but these Jeffrey Campbell clogs were the last purchase I made before the “frost” (I think I like “frost” better than freeze because it sounds less black-and-white, haha).

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