Sequin & Shine

Good sequined tops are so hard to find at a great price–namely because you want them to be of good quality and not short you on the details (frequent offender: sequins only on the front of the top/sweater–hate that!). So when I spotted this top at H&M in Las Vegas, I knew it was a great deal and well made. In fact, it was pretty much my only shopping purchase in Vegas–now how’s that for self control?

(It may or may not have to do with the fact that a glass of water and crust of bread will cost you $22.50 at any given restaurant.)

Wedding is getting close! I have my beauty appointments (eyebrows, spray tan, unmentionables…check) lined up this week and I have to say, the stress is definitely taking its toll.

I have wedding nightmares (wedmares) and one of them involved our officiant forgetting the whole part about the rings, and I realized only after the entire wedding that we didn’t have our rings on and they weren’t blessed, etc. I was horrified. Never been so happy to wake up in a long time!

My back feels so tense all over, and even though I’m not a massage person ($$$ for 45 minutes of relaxation?)….it might be necessary this time.

Photos by my lovely and talented sister, Annika!