Sequins & Balloons

Balloons and Sequins

Given the name of my blog, I’m sure it’s of no surprise to you that I gravitate toward sequins. Shoes, tops, skirts, dresses – I have to have them. This top is so old it can be considered vintage, because I borrowed it from my mom’s closet circa 1998 and still am finding excuses not to return it (sorry Mom). But I love how it fits just right – not baring too much decollet√©, and the color is heavenly.

And my Obakki skirt is just so flowy and fun that I couldn’t resist pulling it out to wear it again.

Balloons & Sequins 2

Balloons & Sequins 3

Balloons & Sequins

What I’m Wearing

  • “Vintage” sequined top (thanks, Mom)
  • Obakki skirt (just heard you can enter code SPRING SPREE at checkout to get 25% off & free shipping!)
  • Colin Stuart booties
  • Gold multi-strand necklace from Urban Outfitters (no longer available however this is a pretty alternative)
  • Vintage Rolex
  • Tights, Merona (Target)
  • thatheadbandikeepwearing (sorry) – also from Target

Guess what? I’m turning 26 on Saturday (May Day, baby)! Will you join me in the festivities?

Balloons & Sequins