Sergeant Pepper

HB and I stole some time before the sun set over the trees yesterday, after grabbing a…lupper? (Lunch-Supper? It was 4pm. Whatever.) One thing I’ve been grabbing as I run out the door on these chillier evenings is my band jacket (which I have affectionately nicknamed Sgt. Pepper).

It was a steal at $20, which I snagged on sale over two years ago via my Shop It To Me sale mail. I never got around wearing it because it desperately needed its sleeves shortened. After taking a load of jackets and coats last month to my tailor, my problem was solved. Now I have a bunch of coats and jackets ready and waiting for the winter season. Bring it on!

I obtained my beachy hair in winter thanks to bumble & bumble surf spray, twisting my hair (away from my face) into small buns in sections, and drying it with a diffuser. For less beachy, more model-ly tousled waves, do the same bun trick on dry hair without the salt spray–blast with heat from the diffuser a big, spray with hair spray, and then take out the buns when cool. Voila!