Seventies Halloween

thrifted dress, hue tights, necklace via etsy, michael kors watch, cheap monday sunnies, jeffrey campbell jezabels, temple st. clair ring

Happy Halloween everybody! While I admit today’s outfit isn’t much of a costume, I do feel like this thrifted seventies dress takes me into a bygone era. So I simply had to play the part, with wine colored stockings by Hue, and some super cool suede Jeffrey Campbell pumps. What would a seventies outfit be without gold jewelry and some wicked sunglasses, right?!

[houston] and I are nearly done unpacking, and when I say nearly, I mean we have about 10 more boxes to unpack, which is a significant improvement from the 40 or so that we had on day 1!

The views are amazing from our little two-bedroom perched in the middle of a high-rise. Sure, we see a major freeway from our balcony, but nearly anywhere you look in my town, you see a freeway.

We can watch the ambulances come in on the last leg of their harried journey to the hospital. Funny thing is, I don’t really hear them anymore. I also no longer hear the white noise drone of the cars that zoom by like little toys on a track.

I love it here. Yes, we still have not gotten our ceiling fan installed; yes, we have floor-to-ceiling windows that make this apartment a you-know-what to cool; but all the same, it’s 1000 times better than where we were before. New Home is starting to feel more like Home.

Are you doing anything for Halloween? Did you already? May I live vicariously through your adventurous lives?