Shades of Green

Thank you for all of your support with my mom, I appreciate all the prayers and positive energy you sent her way, she is doing so much better. Thank you.

I love my new Coach penny shoulder bag in this gorgeous emerald green color: I think jewel tones are not just for spring–they transition really well into fall. And this small scale is definitely what I need right now. For the last 2 months I’ve been heaving around my giant Alexander Wang bag–which, let’s be clear, I still adore–but it’s nice to scale down.

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  • What I like about the purse…it pops! Just as cute as can be:)

  • I just adore that bag, and the color is great too! 🙂 Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

  • Love that green bag right now! Your boots are adorable, too

  • You are right. Green looks so interesting. Your boots look so nice as well. I could find that wearing for fall.

  • I have this purse in the orange color and I really love it.

  • Shades of Green: Thank you for all of your support with my mom, I appreciate all the prayers and positive energy…

  • Shades of Green: Thank you for all of your support with my mom, I appreciate all the prayers and positive energy…

  • That bag is gorgeous – love the color! Also it’s nice to see more casual outfits…something I’ve been meaning to do more frequently on my blog too 🙂

  • Love this fall outfit, and I adore this little green purse. I got one a while ago from H&M and just can’t get enough of it. :)Xo

  • Love the splash of the lovely green bag against an almost monochromatic look!

  • I like your soft curls. It is a great look on you (PS. enjoyed your hair curling video too!). I love how the pant and boot are exactly the same color…even with a flat I love how it extends your leg. Looks like it was a lovely day. Just leave the coach bag outside of your door. I ‘ll be over to pick it up. THANKS!

  • amy

    Know just what you mena about scaling down! Love this color!

  • I love the coach bag, great color. I think I might want one of those.

  • Dani

    Really loving your hair! I’m going to have to try this – let’s just hope the humidity doesn’t win out!

  • Chaz

    I just love those boots! And your hair looks so pretty here too. And what’s the deal with the huge right-hand ring? Did you get engaged again? 😉

  • Great outfit, as always. Super cute bag!

  • What is the lighting setting you used on these pictures? You gorgeous like glowing 🙂

  • Awesome boots! And I love your lip color in these shots.

  • I love this look! The jacket you are wearing is really nice and looks durable! I love the add of a teal pop! Great purse!

  • That bag is a perfect touch! Amazingly playful, fun and unique

  • Great outfit, I like the color of your earrings and bag.

  • Love the splash of green!

  • I love those boots you’re wearing! Hope your Mum feels better soon.

  • Shades of Green

  • great outfit! love the anorak jacket 🙂

  • I’m jealous that you can scale down to such a small bag! I don’t have much luck with that… I take everything with me.

  • You look darling! Love your bag.

  • Glad to hear your mom’s doing so much better!! And love the curls and the purse!! <3

  • I love those boots! Must have. STAT.

  • Ericka

    Those boots ROCK!! XX ~ E

  • LOVE this outfit! Totally adore the pants and the fab belt, the stud detailing is so cute! <3