Shark Bite

I am absolutely obsessed with these amazing new Jeffrey Campbells I acquired via Nasty Gal last week. They are reminiscent of Theysken’s Theory in their colossal pointy-toe ankle-strap awesomeness, but they have these bite marks in them that could verifiably hurt as much as the shark bite they invoke, but they don’t hurt because your feet are protected by a sturdy bit of malleable clear plastic. Ohmygosh I love them.

One thing you definitely won’t see that often on PSS is me baring my legs – as a shorty (5’2″) I’m not a fan of my stems, and hardly think of them as dainty. But when I put on these shoes, let me tell you…

Ladies, if you are self conscious about your legs, do as Auntie Kristina did, and:

  1. apply self-tanner, then
  2. immediately regret the orange knee idea, then
  3. slap on these platforms and you will seriously feel amazing.

It’s something about the shoes. And the fact that I no longer look quite so ghost-like.

Hair tutorial via Wendy

You can purchase your own pair at Nasty Gal, my friends. Get bitten, you so won’t regret it!