She Said Yes

The Proposal

Let me tell you a little story. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a handsome man suggested that he and his girlfriend (who runs a blog about fashion & sparkly things) go visit the water wall for an outfit post before dinner. She, loving his suggestion & enthusiasm, happily agreed, and got ready.

But there was one catch, he said.

He told his girlfriend that his high school wanted photos of their alumni after achieving great things (and having gotten his MD last month was a pretty big achievement). So he stood in front of the water feature, ready for his close-up, like so:

After a few snaps, he walked over to review the photos thus far, peering over his girlfriend’s shoulder at the tiny camera screen.

As he did so, he subtly reached into his boot and pulled out a box, and clutched it in his fist, hidden from view. He walked back over to the water feature, ready for more pictures.

As his girlfriend obliviously snapped away, he began to kneel down, on one knee. Like so:

She slowly lowered the camera, mouth agape, as he smiled and asked her to marry him.

She said yes.

Words cannot express how truly happy I am, knowing that I get to be his wife soon. I’m the luckiest girl in the world! Luckier still that he knows how very awesome it is to have the proposal in pictures so I could share it on the blog with you, my worldwide friends. We couldn’t be more pleased to share our exciting news with you all.