She Used To Tie Her Hair in Ribbons & Bows

What I’m Wearing

  • Top: Bebe
  • Shoes: Cirque by Joan & David (quite possibly the comfiest heels I own!)
  • Bow clips, tulle skirt, fingerless lace gloves: Forever 21
  • Shimmer hose: Calvin Klein
  • Rings & cross necklace: Charming Charlie’s? (it’s been years since I’ve worn them!)

I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off – somehow have managed to complete 9 of the 13 tests that stand between me and summer. Today I’ll be taking a whopper of a final and my knees are knockin’ just thinking about it.

In between the craziness and studying, HB took some outfit photos of me because:
(a) it makes me feel better, and
(b) glamour magazine’s website glamour.com wanted them. (!!!)
Here’s hoping they’ll use some of my photos!

It’s my birthday tomorrow – I’ll be posting something tomorrow morning for fun so be sure to come swing by after your Saturday morning coffee. If I don’t see you, have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Trivia question: Can you (without Googling it) finish the line of the song that this post’s title is quoting? If you can – kudos, you’re probably a Southerner!