Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Somebody had to take outfit photos indoors because somebody forgot that in fall/winter the sun sets a little earlier and her photographer arrived home from the airport after sunset. I’m not sayin’ who that somebody is, but she was kicking herself a little bit that day for forgetting.

P.S. Peep our dog Winnie! (She last made an appearance ages ago here, but is a frequent star in my instagram feed.)

I apologize for the nature of the photos – indoor photos rarely turn out well – will plan better next time! xo

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  • I love how the patches on the cardigan matches your bag.

  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Somebody had to take outfit photos indoors because somebody forgot that in fall/win…

  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Somebody had to take outfit photos indoors because somebody forgot that in fall/win…

  • Isn’t it frustrating when that happens?! We went out to do pictures (before the sun set) last night, but the wind was crazy and it didn’t work – darn mother nature!

  • Chris

    I think your pics turned out just fine and gave us a peek into your interior deco style as well!

  • Your pup is so cute! love the pic of you looking at eachother. and that ruby cardigan is such a great fall/winter color! It’s definetely going on my list!

  • I have that same cardigan! I adore anything with an elbow patch!

  • RunwayChef

    Ahhh the changing weather & lighting has been totally throwing off my photo taking as well! These still turned out nicely though 🙂

  • LOVE your cardigan, skinnies and your necklace 🙂

  • Danielle Stephens

    Loving the color of that cardigan…looks really pretty on you!

  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond (new outfit post) #style #outfits

  • Chelsea

    You look fantastic and indoor or not, you got to highlight your gorgeous styling of your dining room table!

  • Chelsa Caruso

    GORGEOUS bag!!! I am just a little jealous 🙂 I am really wanting a new big bag right now.

  • Whitley Hamlin

    Love these indoor pics, but as a design obsessed lover, I am dying over this room!! Is this your home?? This table with those ghost chairs and the delightful bar in the background…. gaaaa!!!!

  • I actually like them! Great design and furniture set! Cute dog too!

  • Lacey @ My Boring Closet

    I’m actually glad you took pics inside bc I LOVE your dining table and chairs! 🙂

  • shinyinlove

    Classic and still fun with the jewelry and bag. beautiful.

  • I think this is fancy casual. Your redlip+matching sweater+heels=perfection! Definitely dresses up the jeans.But that dog, totally stealing the show!

  • Sara

    such a lovely dining room!! And is that a bottle of bacardi I see in the background? 😉

  • hschilpp

    I’m coming over for drinks in your dining room!

  • jamie

    I for one reallllly like the indoor pics! It makes the colors more vibrant & interesing. Plus we get a glimpse then of the new space!

  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond — Pretty Shiny Sparkly #style via @PrttyShnySprkly

  • Amy Welch

    I still think they look lovely! I take terrible photos- so okay by me!

  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond

  • SullivanBecs

    You look lovely though…inside or out!!!


  • Lemons and Loafers

    the color of that cardigan is fantastic when worn with black and gold! very classy

  • I think they turned out well! Love your bag <3

  • Raquel

    I hate taking indoor photos but I think your pulled it off well & I like the chairs & table background ; )

  • Shine Bright Like a #Diamond — Pretty Shiny Sparkly #style via @PrttyShnySprkly #fashion

  • Natalie F

    loving those chairs!!! And the bag is a perfect fall bag. :)xx

  • Myah Gary

    Your bag is adorable!

  • Brytani Sierra

    Once again I NEED THAT BAG! lolLove the jewelry as well. Nice touch.

    XX Brytani Sierra

  • That cardigan looks so rich and sophisticated