Shop Spotlight: Blonde Birdie

Blonde Birdie has been a longtime favorite shop of mine to browse anytime I’m looking for a gift (sometimes for myself). There’s always something new in stock, it’s full of on-trend items, and the most amazing thing about Blonde Birdie is its prices. I guarantee you will not find an amazing handbag like the ones in this shop, for $30. Not a single item is above $100 (or even $50, come to think of it!). It’s truly one of those finds you come across on the internet every blue moon and you bookmark it on your toolbar because you know you’re going to need it someday. Maybe today?

Here are some of my current favorites:

solstice harvest tote $36, turquoise disc earrings $16, white pebble vase $12, lace shadow earrings $24

black dahlia ring $18, holly golightly sleep mask $14, honey almond soy wax candle $16, fashion book $16, sea shells necklaces $12, sweet bird shakers $12

I hope you liked this shop spotlight – I really love to support small businesses, and hope you do too!