So what if my new baby is a bag

It’s white, it’s leather, it’s embossed, it’s roomy, it’s Brahmin, and it’s all mine.

Thank you to Vogue and to Brahmin for the lovely surprise package at my door today–it definitely made my post-call day that much better!

I’m especially flattered not only to receive a bag as luxurious as a Brahmin (their ads are all over Vogue issues, and I love staring at them) but to have received this bag in particular which isn’t available until May. I believe pre-orders start mid-April, so mark your calendars, ladies, this bag is G-O-R-G-I-E. Already gotten 2 compliments today, both in elevator rides.

Also in an elevator ride today:

Stranger: “Are those Toms?”

Me: “Yep, they’re the sparkly ones.” (gold glitter Toms shoes)

Stranger: “Oh, I’m good friends with the COO. He spends a lot of time in Africa.”

Me: “Oh wow, really! I love them. I have..<thinking>..2 pairs!”

Stranger: <silence>

<awkard silence ensues until he gets off at his floor>

How’s that for awesome? I wasn’t sure whether the conversation went well or horribly horribly bad. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Week in Review

  • I went all crazy and mixed chambray with polyester and dazzling geometric tights!
  • It felt as slow as Christmas (maybe because of the anticipation), but the professional video of my IFB panel “Working With Brands Gracefully” debuted on IFB this week!
  • I also debuted a new series I’ll be doing entitled “My Favorite Things”. This week was the first installment. Hope you like!
  • Last but certainly not least, I played an April Fools’ joke on you Friday. }:-] I hope you liked it, I’d been planning it since last year but only just remembered about it on the morning of April Fools!