Soft & Pretty Military Chic

Mix and match textures and fits to pull off military-themed pieces.
Use the leather military jacket to add an edge to a soft full white skirt. Trade it out for a sateen black military-style trench for a night on the town.

Pair bold gladiator platforms with soft pearls, coral, and rhinestones.

P.S. – Imagine yourself dancing in this fabulous outfit. Can you guess what movie this song is from? Leave a comment with your guess!

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  • This song sends me back to my younger days…I have no idea what movie it was used it. But I do want that Vera Wang necklace or the Laundry jacket. I just subscribed to your RSS feed…love your picks!

  • Holly – That Laundry jacket is something I’m coveting too. Came across it and although I already had the jacket to go with the full white skirt, it was too pretty to ignore!

  • Ooo i love the pearls too!! Omg it’s such a bliss to be a girl sometimes hehehe … =)btw, that song is from Love Actually 😉 you’re asking one of the obsessors of that film around Christmastime!! Hehe one of the cutest scenes of course …

  • You are absolutely correct, Sara! Well done! It’s called “Jump (For My Love)” and it’s by the Pointer Sisters.