Have you ever seen a more perfect shoe? I think not. When Steve Madden and I came together over this amazing sparkle-encrusted shoe, it was clearly a match made in heaven. (Here was my sneak peek of the shoe earlier this week.)

They are utterly luxurious looking, and a style force to be reckoned with. I am a through-and-through Steve Madden fan, and own several pairs myself. But this shoe takes the cake. It might just be my absolute favorite. And you can get your very own pair, very soon–they’re currently available for preorder, and I have no doubt it will sell out, especially in the popular sizes (6.5, 7-8.5, etc).

I am also hardcore loving Deborah Lippmann’s fall 2011 color, “Billionaire” (close up shot here).

What hasn’t left my ears in over two weeks? My two carat moissanite studs sent over by Charles & Colvard. I’m a huge fan of moissanite and was devastated when two years ago I lost one of my 1.5ct studs to a fight with the vacuum cleaner. When they reached out to me by chance, I knew it was fate. Moissanite is has more fire & brilliance than diamonds! And it’s {slightly} less expensive! What’s not to love?

Though I’m a stickler for tradition: I believe engagement & wedding rings should be diamond–but I’ve seen amazing rings that threaten that opinion all the time. What are your thoughts? Do you own anything moissanite?

This top from Zara reminds me of the amazing star prints seen at this season’s Dolce & Gabbana show…so lustworthy, and this print nicely replicates it for a fraction of the price.

You know I normally avoid posting blurry outtake photos…but this one (above) actually accentuated its true-to-life sparkliness! Just look at those shoes! {le sigh}

Mirror mirror on the wall…clearly Kristina loves it all. I really loved silver in this outfit, didn’t I? Watch…clutch…sunglasses…jeans…shoes. Check.

…Have you snagged your pair yet?