Sparkle & Roll

This is the Alice + Olivia top that I wore to the IFB Evolving Influence conference last month – I love it so much, I keep finding excuses to wear it. There’s something about the fact that it’s completely covered in sequins (not just on the front, for example) and the sheer weight of it, like a knight’s armor, that make it doubly intriguing.

Of course I paired it with my Rebecca Minkoff rocker mesh clutch (love the black leather tassle), some wide-leg Sevens — these are the Dojo variety — and my trusty black suede platform Sam Edelmans.

For some color, a pop of hot pink on the lips, a swipe of winged liquid eyeliner, and tangerine polish.

I learned another way to make a high, full, ballerina-type bun (one that inverts all the way around instead of being wrapped). It’s actually super easy, and I want to wear my hair like this forever now. I think I just might.

At least until these bangs grow out.

Photos by HB. Thanks darling!


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